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As a result of regarded absence of economy possibility, the majority of the more youthful generation decide to leave Yong Peng after completing secondary education and learning as well as shift to bigger cities (e.g. Batu Pahat, Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Klang and so on). Some even traveling even more and settle in international countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, China, Australia, Canada, the UK or the USA for work. Those who stay mainly operate in the ranch industry (particularly rubber, palm oil as well as cocoa), light sector (specifically garments) or the sustaining services

Yong Peng is a local community in Malaysia in the state of Johor. It has an area of 1911.6 hectares with an approximated population of 29,046.  Yong Peng has two main interchanges on North-South Expressway plusing north to Kuala Lumpur and also southern to Johor Bahru. A little majority of the regional homeowners are of Chinese beginning; whose progenitors migrated from southerly China in the 1880s. The remainder are Malays and Indians that primarily reside in the surrounding Yong Peng locations. Besides Malay, the other major language used is Mandarin with a tone strongly influenced by the Fuzhou and also Hokkien Dialects.

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