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Living as an expat in a foreign country with a hot climate is a distant dream for many people. For the lucky few who manage to do it, the change in lifestyle can come as a shock. Moving from a western country to somewhere like Johor in Malaysia, can make the whole experience easier. This is because the standard of living in Johor is relatively high compared with many other places in Asia. The reason for this is simple, the local economy does very well due to its relationship with Singapore, which is just a short drive over the causeway.

One important factor when moving to a new home abroad is to ensure the security of the home. It is always worth doing extensive research into the types of crime in the area that will be lived in. This gives a clue as to what security system to install in the property. A good idea is to ask the local police about the local crime, and what type of security they recommend. At the very basic level, the outside doors should have 3-point locking mechanisms. While the windows should also be locked. Double glazed windows are also a good idea on the ground floor, they are harder to break, and also help with the air conditioning.

Although alarm systems are not always necessary, they do work as a deterrent, so it is worth installing one. Which one is installed is down to personal choice, and the area lived in, but unless the home acts also as business premises, then it is not worth installing cameras. Internal sensors to detect movement, breakages, and doors and windows opening should be enough. Although crime in Johor is low compared to other places in Malaysia, it is still a good idea to install an alarm system.

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