Security System & Products in Gua Musang

Gua Musang is a town as well as region (jajahan) in Kelantan, Malaysia. It is the largest district in Kelantan. Gua Musang is administered by the Gua Musang District Council. Gua Musang area is surrounded by the state of Pahang to the south, Terengganu to the eastern, Perak to the west as well as the Kelantanese areas of Kuala Krai and also Jeli to the north. It is a tiny train line town regarding 160 kilometers south of Kuala Krai. Gua Musang is stood for by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah in the Dewan Rakyat. The community pushes the train line from Kota Bharu to Gemas.

Gua Musang literally means “Cave of the Civet”. On the eastern side of this town stands Bukit Gua Musang, a barren hill of rocks as well as deceitful stone-steps running 105 meters strong. It fills in a commanding position, combined with a significant cave bumping into its interior and has to do with meters away from the various other eco-friendly tree-covered hills. From a range, this hill appears like a stone pillar combined with a large split which nearly divides it up and down into 2 equal halves. In between capital as well as the community, there runs a train line track.

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