Security System & Products in Tanah Merah

Tanah Merah is an area (jajahan) as well as community in the state of Kelantan in northeast Malaysia.The funding and major community is Bandar Tanah Merah where is located nearby Sungai Kelantan.It is bordered by Pasir Mas in the north, Machang to the East, Kuala Krai to the South East, Jeli to the South West and Thailand in the West.

Historically it made use of to be a capital of a kingdom called Chi Tu. Chinese Sui Dynasty annals of the 7th century explain an advanced kingdom called Chi Tu (“Red Earth”) in the area now called Kelantan. The ancient good name for Kelantan was “Raktamrittika”, meaning “Red Earth”– this was later altered to “Sri Wijaya Mala”.

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