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We all like to feel safe wherever we are. Whether that is in our own home, a friend’s house or a hotel room. The thing about safety though is that the levels of it can change depending on where you live. This is not country specific, it is well-known that you can live in an area of low crime, while a couple of kilometers away the crime rates could be high. The thing about crime statistics is that even between two high areas of crime, they are unlikely to be comparable. One may have a high rate of burglaries, while the other does not. The latter one though may have increased levels of violent crime over the former.

When it comes to Malaysia, crime rates can depend on where you live, but generally speaking, the statistics in Melaka, Malaysia are about average, and nothing out of the ordinary. Of course, crimes like burglary can and will happen anywhere, so it is always best to have a security system in place to work both as a deterrent, and to give those who live in the home piece of mind. Most criminals tend to look for easy targets, unless they are totally dumb, in which case they usually get caught. If you go out and leave a window left open, they you are inviting an opportunist burglar in.

The problem with countries like Malaysia is the heat, and so people naturally open windows. With the correct security system in place, though, leaving a window open should not be a problem, as entry should still be protected. This can be done with metal guard so no one can fit through the space, and a decent electronic alarm system. It must be made clearly visible on the outside that the property is alarmed.

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