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Jelebu has an infamous taped past history of British as well as Japanese emigration as compared to various other parts of Negeri Sembilan. Countless invaluable colonial artefacts were discovered in the small semi-agricultural community of Sungai Muntoh, which was a once-booming mining town a century earlier. These artefacts are now displayed in the state gallery. Titi as well as neighbouring Sungai Muntoh were one of the most industrialized towns of all mining websites in Jelebu. The flourishing tin industry was among the main reasons of the bloodbath in Titi, where more than 1,500 people (generally Chinese) were killed. Completely, there had to do with 5,000 individuals gotten rid of under the Japanese-led military throughout World War II.

Jelebu has the warmest environment in videotaped Malaysian history. The southwestern component of Jelebu is perhaps the driest place in Malaysia. Jelebu is the 2nd biggest district in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia after Jempol, with a population over 40,000. Jelebu verge on the Seremban district, Jempol area, Kuala Pilah district, Pahang and Selangor. Jelebu is a rural area with blossoming semi-agricultural market.

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