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Tampin is both a community as well as a district in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, nevertheless component of the town spills over into the neighbouring state of Malacca, as it lies along the Malacca-Negeri Sembilan boundary. The district covers 129.49 square kilometres (50.00 sq mi) and is additional divided right into four adat socio-political provinces; Repah, Keru, Tebong and also Tampin Tengah.

Tampin was originally controlled by the Rembau management. After the Naning War in 1832 Raja Ali declared himself the ruler of Seri Menanti as well as his son-in-law, Syed Shaaban, as the leader of Rembau. This enraged various other leaders of Negeri Sembilan as they had no right to the posts. In 1834 a civil battle ensued, which caused Raja Ali as well as Syed Shaaban retreating to Tampin and the location from Mount Tampin to Putus Hill being gotten rid of from Rembau.  This area containing the districts Repah, Keru, Tebong as well as Tampin Tengah developed the area known as Tampin. Syed Shaaban became the very first ruler of Tampin and declared himself the title Tunku Besar Tampin. The area is just one of the initial 9 states collectively called Negeri Sembilan, meanings that “Nine States” in Malay.

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