Security System & Products in Jerantut

Jerantut is a significant community in main Pahang, Malaysia. It lies 200 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur, and 180 km from Kuantan. Jerantut is likewise the resources of the area of the very same name. Located in the north of Pahang state, Jerantut is the major entryway to the National Park. Being the biggest area in Pahang, it bounds the northern states of Kelantan and Terengganu, in the south, Temerloh and Maran area, in the west, Lipis and also Raub district and in the east, Kuantan district. Tembeling River, the main stream in this district is the amazing method to National Park as well as the bordering villages in Ulu Tembeling. The signing up with of Tembeling and also Jelai river forms the Pahang stream where it streams right through the Royal Pekan town then through the South China Sea.

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