Security System & Products in Ipoh

Ipoh remains in the state of Perak, which is in the north component of Peninsular Malaysia. The city is in the middle of the Kinta Valley, on the financial institution of the Kinta River and the confluence of smaller sized rivers, Sungai Pinji as well as Sungai Pari. The city is surrounded by limestone hills, which could be discovered around suburban areas to the northeast, eastern and southeast.

The Kledang mountain range extends from the north to the west of the city. This variety runs parallel to the Bintang mountain range via the Perak River moving on its left financial institution and also the Kinta River to its right. This wide range is cut off to the north of Ipoh by a tributary of the Perak River called the Pelus River, which is sourced from the Titiwangsa mountain range, which runs to the east of Ipoh

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