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Kampar is located in the Kinta Valley, which was renowneded for its high tin ore reserves. Its huge surroundings along with deserted mining-ponds agree with for fishing, which has actually become a major attraction for anglers around the country, especially from Kuala Lumpur.¬†Nevertheless, baseding on the homeowners, there is no new or old community. The ‘new town’ is just a property estate with a few row of shop-lots to cater for the growing number of university students. The term ‘brand-new community’ stems from the Cantonese spoken language which refer Taman Bandar Baru as new community. Whereas ‘Taman’ in Malaysia describes household estates.

Kampar community could be extensively divided in between the ‘aged community’ as well as ‘brand-new town’ locations. The aged town includes two major streets, Jalan Gopeng and also Jalan Idris, of lovely pre-war shop residences. The fronts of these shop properties are still primarily in its initial appearance. Commerce in the aged town area mainly contains coffee shops, jewelers as well as neighborhood merchants. The brand-new community location mostly includes new residential advancements as well as some trade servicing the expanding education industry in Kampar. On the 21st of May 2009, the Sultan of Perak declared Kampar as the state’s 10th area.

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