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Kuala Kangsar is the imperial town of Perak, Malaysia, situated at the downstream of Kangsar River, where it flows into the Perak River. It is the major town in the administrative district of Kuala Kangsar. Aside from being exposed to the impending risk of infiltration, the other issue was the force of downpour periods, which caused countless flooding as water gushed down from the jungles above via the many tributaries. The good name Kuala Kangsar is believed to be derived from ‘Kuala Kurang-Sa’, which actually means ‘100 minus (-) one’, normally interpreted as ‘the 99th little tributary to move into the Perak River’.

One flooding was so intense, it virtually swept the palace away. Finally, after the Big Flood or Air Bah in 1926, it was chosen to move the place additionally up into the knoll where stands the present Royal Palace called Istana Iskandariah with its Art-Deco architecture, an uncommon however substantial piece of architectural turning point in Malaysia.

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