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The advancement of the town had been rapid in the 1990s. One of the primary factors was the establishment of the Royal Malaysian Navy’s Naval Base in Lumut, approximately 10 km from the town centre. The Naval Base is presently the largest in Malaysia. The base has served as a driver for the advancement of industrial tasks in the town, offering both the citizens of the base as well as seafarers seeing from other nations.

Sitiawan expanded from a small settlement with rubber touching and latex handling as its main economic tasks. The town was flanked by various Chinese settlements comprised mainly of the descendants of immigrants from the Kutien district of Fuzhou, China. The original settlers were motivated by the British to plant rice. The settlers, nonetheless, discovered that paddy-planting is not matched to the soil of the area therefore they switched to animals farming before discovering that the land was much better suited for rubber plantations. Tourism has actually not been a significant economic activity, but the community center acquires some economic advantages from its close distance to Pangkor Island which is a well-known particular niche traveler location.

The rapid advancement of metropolitan settlements viewed the ranch and estate areas create, and at some point converted into property as well as office locations. In the 1980s, a big rest of the rubber estates went through mass conversions right into oil palm ranches, because of better yield and revenues compared to rubber sheets and also latex. Oil hand is likewise a considerably less labour-intensive crop when inned comparison to rubber, as rubber needs to be touched on a regular basis.

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