Security System & Products in Sandakan

Sandakan is located on the eastern coastline of Sabah facing the Sulu Sea, with the community is called one of the port communities in Malaysia.  The community is located about 1,900 kilometres from the Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur, 28 kilometres from the international perimeter with the Philippines and 319 kilometres from the capital of Sabah.  The district itself is bordered by Beluran (referred to as Labuk-Sugut District before) and Kinabatangan area. Not far from the town, there are the 3 Malaysian Turtle Islands, Selingaan, Gulisaan as well as Bakkungan Kechil. The nearby islands to the community are Berhala, Duyong, Nunuyan Darat, Nunuyan Laut, as well as Bai island
Sandakan has a tropical rainforest climate under the Köppen environment category. The environment is relatively very hot and wet with ordinary shade temperature level about 32 ° C, with around 32 ° C at twelve noon droppeding to around 27 ° C in the evening. The town sees precipitation throughout the year, with a tendency for October to February to be the wettest months, while April is the driest month. Its mean rainfall varies from 2184 mm to 3988 mm

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