Security System & Products in Bintulu

There are several legends that are related to the name of Bintulu. Throughout the Brooke era, the aboriginal Iban people still practices headhunting in order to maintain their social conditions in the local. They thrown the heads right into Kemena river, near the aged Bintulu General Hospital. As a result, heads have to be collected from the river. The method of gathering heads was called “Mentu Ulau” (choosing heads)  in the regional indigenous language. There is another tale where the two Iban warriors called Bernik and Jelab built properties along the river. They and their fans regularly accomplished head conservation (menyalai kepala) tasks near the river and river was consequently called “Mentu Ulau”.  On arrival of the Europeans, they articulated it as “Men Tug Lu”. Since then, this location is called “Bintulu”. There is another tale where the Bintulu locals were described to have lengthy heads. This is referred to as “Bat Ulau” in Melanau language which was subsequently adjusted as “Bintulu.

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