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Rajah Charles Brooke established Fort Kapit in 1880 as a fort community, primarily to avoid the Iban from moving up-river and attacking Orang Ulu negotiations. The ft was later relabelled Fort Sylvia, after the other half of Rajah Vyner Brooke, Rani Sylvia Brooke, but the community retained the good name of Kapit. Initially resolved by Hoklo (Hokkien) Chinese in 1880, additional Ka Chinese immigrants shown up in 1906, as well as Fuzhou Chinese in 1919. The Chinese expanded rubber and pepper as well as traded dealt with rubber sheet and forest items. In 1941, at the time of the Japanese occupation, Kapit just had two rows of 37 shophouses. The community was completely ruined by allied bombing throughout the battle. Kapit today stays as a hectic however small town with a few roads running parallel to the river.

The community of Kapit is the funding of the Kapit Area in the Kapit Division, Sarawak, eastern Malaysia on the south bank of the Rajang River. The area makes up 15,595.6 square kilometres and since 2002 has a population of 60,200.

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