Security System & Products in Serian

The community is really renowned for its durians, which are famously believed to be the best in Sarawak. This has triggered the Serian District Council to set up a giant monument to this “king of fruits” right in the middle of the marketplace square. Nonetheless, other monuments such as the tiger as well as the buffalo statuaries appear misplaced as there are no tigers or buffalos in this area. The community is effectively attached to its abundant hinterland both by roadway and also by water and thus one can find all form of forest produce readily available in the forest create market yet lately, a lot of these fruit and vegetables were generated from Kalimantan, Indonesia as the price are less costly.

Serian is a town, and the resources of the Serian Division  now divided from Samarahan Division, Sarawak, eastern Malaysia. It lies regarding 40 miles  from Kuching. Area sub community is Siburan and Tebedu.

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