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There is a timetable at the stream which has the time as well as dates for when the tidal birthed will occur, however the truly big ones occur just a couple of times a year. The writer Somerset Maugham almost shed his life at Simanggang throughout among these tidal bores, and also celebrated the occasion in his narrative Yellow Streak. Sri Aman is likewise called Bandar Sri Aman, and was formerly known as Simanggang. Sri Aman indicates “town of peace” in the Malay language. Located on the Lupar River, it is 193 kilometers, a three-hour drive, from Kuching, the funding of Sarawak. It is a profession center for the lumber, oil palm, rubber, and also pepper of its mainly farming area.

Sri Aman is famous for the benak, or tidal bore, of the Batang Lupar River.  The tidal birthed is available in from the stream mouth and fills out the stream really swiftly throughout concerning 10 mins. The wave crest at Sri Aman is up to 2 to 3 metres high. This is one of roughly 400 streams and also estuaries in the world where this sensation occurs.

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