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Malaysia is a beautiful country with much to offer both residents and tourists. It is not known for high crime rates and violent crime is rare. However, like many other countries Malaysia does have a problem with property related crime – in particular, burglary.

Why is Preventing Home Invasions so Important?

Some people justify not buying a security system by saying “what’s the point, I don’t own anything of value” or “it doesn’t matter, I have insurance,”.

The reality is home invasions are about much more than personal possessions. When a home is broken into, its residents start to feel unsafe in their own home. This is especially true if anybody is injured or assaulted during the break-in. The feeling of being safe and secure is priceless.

How to Set Up a Security System in Sarawak, Malaysia

Listed below are some tips residents can use to protect their Sarawak home from intruders.

– Make it appear as though somebody is home. Thieves target empty homes as they are easier to rob. A few ways of doing this is keeping the property clean, leaving on lights, clearing the mail, mowing the lawn and leaving the radio on.

– Lock all windows and doors. If a thief walks by and sees an opportunity to break in, he or she just might take it.

– Install a monitored alarm system. Most thieves retreat as soon as they see any signs of a house being alarmed. The reason for this is that having an alarm increases the odds of getting caught. Fake alarms prevent break-ins but they do not help police catch thieves that are clever enough to get into the property.

Keeping thieves out of the home is a must. Doing so will protect the homeowner’s home, possessions and emotional well-being.

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