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It is a good feeling after a hard day at work to get home, put your feet up, switch on the TV, and relax for the evening. This scenario plays out again and again for many people who live in Selangor, Malaysia. However, every now and again, this routine can be shattered. We all like to live in our own cocoons as we go through life thinking that we are safe, but the unexpected can happen at any time. Imagine going out to work, having locked all of the doors and windows, and on your return you discover a broken window.

You instantly know that something is seriously wrong, and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. As you put the key in the door and turn it slowly, your heart starts to pound. The lock clicks, and you slowly push the door open. What you see in the darkening of the day is the inside of your home, but not as you left it that morning. There is overturned furniture everywhere, paper is strewn all over the floor, and the goldfish bowl has been knocked over and poor Phee the goldfish is dead some feet away. You have been robbed.

In situations like this, it can take a while for the shock to set in. Questions fly through your head like, why you? The answer to that is usually easy to answer. Normal windows and doors do not stop thieves. However, having a decent security system in Selangor, Malaysia installed will. When a thief is looking for a target, they pick houses that they can get in and out of quickly without being noticed. What they will not do is target an alarmed house. This is why installing an alarm is important for every homeowner.

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