Autogates are extremely convenient, so more and more people choose them for their homes. Whenever you rush, when it rains or there’s a storm outside, an automatic gate helps you enter your yard faster, without having to leave your car, unlock the gate, go back into your car again, park it and then go out for another time to close the gate. When choosing your auto gate, you should know there are three main types of autogates: arm gates, swing gates and sliding gates.

Arm Gates

Arm gates are the slowest of all types. This is a good thing if you are concerned with the safety of children and pets, although all types have security mechanisms in place, for preventing accidents. The arms are usually installed above the ground, thus preventing water from entering inside the motor. The self-mechanical locking systems eliminate the need for a solenoid lock. This means the maintenance of such a gate is very simple and hassle free.

Arm gates are very useful where there isn’t a lot of free space for the gate to swing, therefore a solution needs to be found to allow complete opening.

Swing Gates

Where space is not a problem, the swing gate is the best. These gates are faster than arm gates, so you are going to reduce the time needed to wait until the gate is completely opened. Moreover, the faster closing time will increase the safety of your home.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are the best when you cannot find enough room for the gate to swing. They are perfect for residences that are very close to the road. However, you need to make sure there is enough space on the side for the gate to slide. Sliding gates usually have one single door. When it opens, the door slides on a track with a ratchet. It works very well for wide entrances or on residences that are located uphill. These autogates require a careful choice of the motor, so that it can move a weight bigger than the total weight for the door.

All types of autogates are safe. They have anti-crushing mechanisms that will command the doors to stop immediately if the presence of an object is detected between them. This is very useful for avoiding accidents with pets or children but also for avoiding the gates to produce damage to your car, should something happen that forces you to stop before passing through the gates completely.

The wiring systems and other elements of an autogate will be determined and calculated by the specialists who are going to instal your autogate system for you. The only thing you need to care about is to choose a truly professional company to help you select and install the most suitable autogate for your particular residence.