Malaysia Security System & Security Products

In general terms, to protect from any harm or the degree of resistance is  Security. It is applicable to any assets such as community, person, organization or nation. The monitoring of the activities or the behavior with the purpose of protecting, managing and influencing the people is the Surveillance. The invention of some of the technological equipments which help to protect the people is said to be the Security and Surveillance systems. Many devices such as the indoor cameras, the outdoor cameras, alarms, access doors, auto gate and many other such devices have helped the people to a maximum limit as they can feel secure either in their house or office or in any public places. Let us elaborately have an information regarding the devices for the Security and Surveillance.

CCTVCCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

CCTV is the video camera where to a specific place a specific signal is transmitted. The signals are not openly transmitted, but on a limited set of monitors. Nowadays, most of the places such as convenience stores, shops, airports, banks, casinos and many places install the CCTV connection just to keep an eye on the people so that there will be no theft and illegal cases. There are many uses of the CCTV for the protection of the people and they are:

  • For the prevention of crimes the CCTV cameras are used and the recent survey says that there is a decrease of 51% crime in the parking lots and 23% decrease in the public transportation areas with the help of these cameras. For the conviction of offenders and in detection the CCTV cameras are of extreme help and in tracking terrorist suspects this device is used as a fundamental tool.
  • In the chemical industry for the manufacture of nuclear fuel some cameras such as the thermographic cameras and line-scan cameras are used, where the temperature of the processes can be measured.
  • To notice accidents and to detect congestion CCTVs are used for a great amount and in the next few years the use of the CCTVs is likely to increase significantly on the highways.
  • In US in most of the schools, too, nowadays CCTV cameras are used to track the unacceptable student behavior and to monitor the visitors in the school. In the event of a crime a record of evidence is maintained by the school authorities.

Alarm SystemAlarm System

Alarm systems are used in a building or a house to detect unauthorized entry and it is also used in military operations, in industrial and commercial purposes. In the prisons and in the cars too alarm systems are used and in most cases the alarm systems are combined with the CCTVs where the activities of the intruders may be recorded. Some of the safety alarms used for the public protection are the fire alarm systems, smoke detector, personal alarm, car alarms and auto dialer alarms.

Fire alarm systems  

Fire alarm systems are used in most of the corporate offices and in houses  to prevent from any kind of smoke or fire. The alarm systems maintain a tenable atmosphere in the building and prevent the recirculation of fumes and smokes produced by fire in certain places of the building. The alarm systems are used in the emergency elevator service and even in audio public address rack.

Smoke detectors

The smoke detectors are very sensitive and it can detect carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide easily. To detect any kind of combustion the carbon monoxide detectors are used and nowadays for the faster response most of the companies uses the photoelectric smoke detectors.

Access Control SystemDoor access / Access Control System

Door access / access control system is used to provide information security and physical security and provide restriction from entering any resource or any place. In most of the security based places only the authorized persons are allowed and they have the access to such doors. The term tailgating occurs, when any unauthorized person follows a legitimate user via a door. In most of the companies people now use cards for swiping in the doors and the employees use to have some specific pin codes. Once the pin codes are entered and the cards are swiped, then only they get the access inside the office premises through the doors. Most of the doors nowadays used have magnetic locks and they are electronically operated, but the authorized person can grant access to these doors. By looking its benefit door access systems are used in many houses and in the majority of the schools.

Autogate SystemAuto Gate

To ensure the security of the private premises automatic gates are used and they are also known as the electric gates. There are various types of automatic gates which are used for the residential or commercial purposes and they are:

  • Swing gates – Swing gates are very flexible and they can be operated from inside and outside as well. There are three types of operators in these gates and they are the underground operators, a ram arm and a swing arm operator. These gates are nowadays used in most of the garages and in outdoor store rooms for high security and safety.
  • Slide gates – These gates are used in most of the shops and department stores and these gates slides on wheels. For any unknown person this gate is very difficult to open and they are the safest gates.
  • Barrier gates – This gate is used on a toll booth to reduce the speed and violations of any vehicle and acts as the traffic barrier.