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We all like to feel safe in our homes no matter where it is that we live in the world. Regardless of whether the property is owned or rented, it is important that we can relax and sleep well at night. Another important thing about the home is securing the property so that everything in it is protected. Installing a security system in a home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is similar to doing the same thing elsewhere. Thanks to technology and competition, systems have improved over the years, and prices have dropped.

One of the most basic systems to install, and a popular one, is the sensor kit. Although what comes in the package depends on how much has been spent on it, usually it consists of door and window sensors. These usually work by triggering when the connection between the two sensors is broken. These can be placed in numerous places around the home. For those who have more money to spend, window breakage sensors and infrared triggers may be included. The infrared sensors put invisible beams across rooms and doorways, and when broken, the alarm is triggered. In recent years, motion detectors can now be part of the system.

For those people who are looking for the top end models, they contain most of the above, as well as security cameras. Thanks to WiFi, there is no need to install lots of wiring. These cameras can work in the infrared, as well as be used to detect motion outside the home. Pictures can be continuously saved on a computer, and a few systems allow the live pictures to be viewed from a smarthphone anywhere in the world. For a relatively small outlay for a security system, it can make the home a much safer place to live.

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