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How many people actually consider having a security system in Terengganu, Malaysia, let alone actually installing one? You only have to walk around Terengganu to see that very few homes have some kind of security fitted. This isn抰 because the people have nothing to protect, they do, but it is the age old problem of human instinct. In life, we always seem to think that things always happen to someone else, never ourselves. So, we are quite happy to do nothing in the way of prevention.

As soon as we become aware though that someone we know has been burgled, our instincts send us in the opposite direction. We suddenly run around like a headless chicken looking for a solution to the problem. It is usually only at that point that people will install some kind of security in the home. The strange thing is, these systems are no longer expensive, nor are they complicated, so there is no reason not to have one installed as soon as you move into a new property. Criminal research clearly shows that a home with an alarm is much less likely to be broken into than one without.

So what kind of systems are available today? Not all systems are the same, they can include various devices that all act as a deterrent to potential thieves. The cheapest versions usually contain an alarm connected to sensors that monitor for windows and doors being opened. The next level usually includes indoor movement sensors, these are generally based on infrared. The more expensive systems have WiFi cameras as part of the system. These are very visible outside and along with the alarm box, and are one of the best deterrents money can buy. Remember, it is much better to be proactive with an alarm than reactive.

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