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The Cameron Highlands obtained its name from Sir William Cameron, a British surveyor who was commissioned by the after that early american federal government to draw up the Pahang-Perak border location in the 1885. In a declaration concerning his mapping expedition, Cameron mentioned he saw “a form of vortex on the mountains, while for a (reasonably) large location we have mild inclines as well as stage land.”

When come close to, the late Sir Hugh Low, the Resident of Perak (1887– 1889), shared the wish of developing the region into a “insane asylum, health resort and open farmland”. A slim course to “Cameron’s Land” was after that sculpted with the jungle. Nothing much occurred then. Forty years later, the tableland was provided one more evaluation when Sir George Maxwell (1871– 1959) checked out the location to see if it could be turned into a hotel. The then Chief Secretary of Federated Malay States (1921– 1926) invested regarding 9 days evaluationing the region.  At around this time around, the federal government was on the lookout for a refuge to complement Fraser’s Hill (Malay: Bukit Fraser). Fraser’s was eliminated for further expansion due of its limited dimension and absence of allure

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